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Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday

8:30AM - 5:00PM

Closed on all Major Holidays


Office Location: 10850 Lake Pleasant Rd. Waterford, PA 16441

Our Services and Products 

Browse our services below

Service 1 & 2

1) 2 bag pickup weekly

$65 a quarter (every three months)

(Any size up to 30 gal. trash bag)

2) 4 Bag or One Toter pickup weekly

$85 a quarter (every three months)

(Any size up to 30 gal. trash bag)

*Please refer to Curbside Limitation list for any questions on acceptable curbside items*

Service 3

Unlimited Weekly Garbage Service

$100 a quarter (every three months)

One bulky item per week (chair, mattress, lamp, etc.)

Household garbage only

(no construction or demo waste, no clean outs, no landscaping materials such as bagged leaves, flowers,  grass or tree clippings)

This service is priced for ONE household only

(Duplexes and rental properties are subject to a multi household service charge, $100 per household)



Free to all of our customers

with $80 security deposit

(This covers damages such as wear and tear, cracked lids, and broken wheels. If you decide to stop service, we will retrieve the toter and refund your $80 deposit)


Curbside Limitations

-NO Freon containing items

-NO construction/demo items, car parts, metal, or wood

-NO landscaping material such as lawn clippings, flowers, bagged leaves or grass

-NO Paint and Pressurized Gas containers

-NO Appliances or Electronics such as:

ex.) TV's, Refrigerators, A/C Units, Microwaves, Washer/Dryer, Computers, Propane tanks/cylinders, etc.  


Separate Appliance Pickup Fees:

$25 per item for appliances/electrical items

TV's - $2.50 per inch for curbside pickup

           $2 per inch if dropping off at office

Tires - $10 a piece, for normal size - curbside pickup

            $8 a piece if dropping off at office

Please call and let us know before putting these items out. Payment must be made ahead of pickup.


*Please bag all loose items*

Any loose garbage will be left, and not picked up until all loose garbage is contained in bags.


(We understand that a larger item cannot always be bagged. This mostly pertains to household garbage such as food, loose papers, etc.)


Any Questions Please Call 

(814) 217-1411

Dumpster Rentals

11 yd - 15 yd - 20 yd - 30 yd

Any Questions Please Call 

or Check Out Our Dumpster Rental Page

(814) 217-1411

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